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Activity 9.3 Gaining feedback on your group behaviours

Ask someone else to record your contribution to group work and give you feedback on the sorts of behaviours you used most. Reflect together on your effectiveness in the light of this. Such feedback can be a powerful tool in helping you become a more valuable and influential team member. If any of the desirable behaviours seem lacking, practise using them in subsequent meetings. For example, decide that you will try to ensure that even the quietest members are encouraged enough to make a contribution, or make a point of summarising the discussion each time progress seems to have been made, so that points are not lost. If you are behaving in a way that interferes with the group, think about why you may be doing this and try to notice (and silently rebuke yourself) each time you do this in future. It should eventually become less frequent. Devise an action plan for becoming more effective.

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