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ZAPS Assignments:

ZAPS is a set of interactive online experiments and demonstrations that will allow you to experience the various psychological phenomenon, as well as, serve as an additional tool to reinforce the theoretical basis behind each experiment and demonstration. All of the experiments will also be discussed in a real-world context. Your grade will be based on these summaries, NOT the grade provided by the ZAPS website when you finish the experiment


Please answer the ZAPS question below:


ZAPS 5: Serial Position Effect—The goal of the current ZAPS is to understand how we store and retrieve information from memory.

In your summary, answer the following questions: What is the primacy effect? Why do we see the primacy effect? What is the recency effect? Why do we see the recency effect? Did you tend to remember the first few words and the last few words? What strategies did you use to remember the items?


ZAPS 6: False Memory Task—the goal of this ZAPS is to introduce you to the DRM paradigm and explain how schemas can influence our memory.

In your summary please report your results for the three conditions. Were your results similar to the reference results? Why or why not? Based on your reading this week, and the ZAPS, what is a schema? How can a schema result in a false memory?

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Scenario: Dancin’ Donuts, established in January 2019, is a thriving new business specializing in low-carb donuts. The 2019 keto diet fad led to increased sales, and the chief financial officer (CFO) prepared a robust budget for 2020. In early March 2020, the small business had record-breaking sales but abruptly needed to shut its doors because of the global pandemic. The CFO conducted the following analysis for the month of March: Dancin’ Donuts March 2020 Budget Actuals $ Var % Total Revenue 200,000 196,947 -3,053 -2% Total Cost of Goods Sold 100,000 98,000 -2,000 -2% GROSS PROFIT 100,000 98,947 -1,053 -1% Total Expense 75,000 72,000 -3,000 -4% Total Interest Income 200 100 -100 -50% Total Other Expense 1,000 1,000 0 0% -800 -900 -100 13% Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, & Amortization (EBITDA) 24,200 26,047 1,847 8% Total Interest Expense 6,400 6,385 -15 0% Total Depreciation & Amortization 10,000 10,000 0 0% Earnings Before Taxes (EBT) 7,800 9,662 1,862 24% Total Income Taxes (30%) 2,340 2,899 559 24% Net Income 5,460 6,764 1,304 24% Please answer the following questions: What does AVB stand for? What is the total revenue for March 2020 when compared to the budget? What is the variance from the budget in the net income for the month? What is the income tax percentage for the month?

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