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Please USE journal articles only for risk management for example Transportation or Demand in Australia and please read the this word file for the structure carefully.
Assessment task 3: Research Project (Individual)
This assignment consists of a research paper (maximum 5000 words, Excluding abstract, appendices and 60 references). The task involves research on quantitative models in supply chain risk, uncertainty and disruption management. The research should focus on different categories of risks, uncertainty and disruptions, critical review, quantitative models to handle supply chain risks, uncertainties and disruptions and their contributions and limitations, research gaps in the literature and future research direction for better resilient supply chain.
You need to review the literature as a researcher to explore and critically analyse the quantitative models in supply chain risk, uncertainty and disruption management. You should also consider ethical and social responsibility aspect in risk management.  We are looking for a creative review paper for this assessment.
You should review the relevant literature from different databases such as scopus, google scholar, and publisher sites (science direct, emerald, springer and so on). You should select at least 60-70 papers (most of them should be from 2008- present) for this research paper. After the analysis of the published papers in the field, you also need to suggest a future research direction. The research paper should consist following sections:
a) Introduction
b) Literature review on quantitative models
c) Ethical and social responsibility for risk management
d) Analysis
e) Future research direction
f) Discussion and Conclusion

Structure and format of paper
1) Abstract
Why Quantitative models are important?
What is the limitation of current study?
What are the most important findings?
3) Introduction
The introduction includes the background and rationale of the research. You should also explain the risk and disruption in supply chain systems with their impact in business. Why it is necessary to manage risk and disruption in supply chain systems? How this paper has been organised? You should cite few papers here.
4) Literature review on quantitative models
Here you should identify the most relevant papers from the literature. You can categorise them in different domains (such as uncertainties, risk, and disruption). You also can sub-categorise again (such as Uncertainty: demand uncertainty and supply uncertainty; Risk: Demand risk, supply risk, process risk and transportation risk; Disruption: Natural and Man-made; so on). You should develop a story for each category/sub-category to understand the research progress.  You also explain the contribution and limitation of those studies.
5) Ethical and social responsibility for risk management
In this section, you focus on ethical and social risk in the business. You should study some relevant papers (at least 5) from the literature which consider ethical and social responsibility aspects in risk management. You do not need to consider quantitative models for this section. You should answer following questions.
What are the ethical responsibility principles in risk management?
What are the social responsibility practices in risk management?
What are the frameworks applied for business practice in terms of ethical and social responsibility?
6) Analysis
You should analyse the papers quantitatively here. You can analyse the papers again with some other parameters (such as journal name, author name, publish year, aspect of risk, uncertainty and disruption and so on). You should use some graphs and table to describe your findings.
7) Future research direction
In this section, you should summarise the review and findings. You should also summarise the contribution and limitations of the studies. Based on those findings, you should suggest the future research direction.
8) Discussion and Conclusion
You need to discuss your findings and how the findings can be helpful for the research. You should also discuss if there any limitation of the study.
9) References
The project is directed at the collection and analysis of data, if you use material from another source then references it properly. You should cite at least 60-70 papers from the literature. A video link for referencing style (Harvard referencing style) .

Other important notes
Use Font 12 Times new roman with 1.5 spacing, single column, justified and 2.5 cm margin in all four sides for the report body and submit a Microsoft Word file.
All assignments must include a group cover sheet which is downloadable .
While your experience and views are the essential components of your assignments, the appropriate use of literature is required to provide evidence-based suggestions.
You should include a list of all references you use in writing your assignments. Note that all assignments will be checked for originality (similarities to existing sources)

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