Explain why felons should vote

Explain why felons should vote
First, felons should be allowed to vote because it is their right as American citizens. It is their responsibility as citizens who have paid their debts to society and have been punished for their crimes. In addition, they can be more informed about politics because they have lived through it and know what politicians are trying to do with their policies.
. Second, felons should vote because they are part of the community; they are still part of society and must be involved in its decisions. Voting gives them a sense of belongingness and helps them feel like they have a place in society. This sense will help them stay out of trouble when they return from prison after serving their time behind bars or pay off whatever debt they owe the community before being rereleased.
. Third, voting gives felons an opportunity for redemption by allowing them to make amends for what they did wrong during their incarceration .period (Morse, Michael 1143)

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