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Short answer questions.

  1. Identify three (3) qualities required for building an effective team. Briefly explain your answers.
  2. James is a salesperson for a large seafood provider. James uses a combination of telesales, digital networking and face to face networking events to secure new customers. James has recently secured a new contract with an international hotel chain which has boosted his net sales by close to 10%. James is keen to add to his client base whilst retaining old customers also.

Using the above scenario, suggest two KPI’s that could be implemented to monitor James’s performance. Explain the reasons for your answer.

  1. Suggest three (3) ways in which team member input can be facilitated into developing strategies.
  2. Suggest two (2) potential ways to reward positive feedback and explain why this is beneficial to working practice.
  3. List the five (5) stages that are required for the identification of workplace issues and provide a brief description of each stage.
  4. Explain what an SMT is and identify one potential advantage and one potential disadvantage to this method of team performance.
  5. Identify three (3) components of effective communication.
  6. Identify two (2) implications of leaving workplace issues unresolved. Explain your answer.


Go Go Travel is designing a new travel package for a large Japanese travel wholesaler with an aim to commence in 12 months time. The company is Nakatomi Holdings and the contact is the President of Sales Mr Yoshinobu Takagi. He is based in Toyoko and has been with the company for 40 years. Due to Covid 19 there is no travel between Australia and Japan. The company has 700 travel agencies in Japan and has been a valuable source of data on the types of people that buy these tours. The three objectives for this project are:

  • Increase distribution in Japan. At least 50% of Nakatomi agents selling our tours within the first 12 months. All marketing material approved and ready for distribution by launch date. Project updates every two weeks to Nakatomi Holdings.
  • Increase company profitability. Tours sales to increase by 40%, company profitability to increase by 15% after 12 months. Website completed by launch date with payment system in place and allowing agents to log in to access tour details and make bookings. Costs to be restrained as per budget and pricing not to be below minimum approved sale price. Minimum 100 package tours with minimum 20 people per tour to be sold in first 12 months.
  • Develop new Designer tour packages. Minimum 5-star accommodation and use jet aircraft only. Day tours to be exclusive to Go Go Travel with emphasis on indigenous tourism. Include all meals onsite.

You are the Assistant Manager and have been tasked by the Operations Manager with putting together a team to develop the new travel package. The members are:

  • John, an expert in hotel accommodation and airlines and has been with the company 5 years. He is responsible for all hotel and flight bookings.
  • Margaret, an expert in finance and has been with the company for 2 years. She is responsible for developing a budget for the cost of the tours and the final sale price of the tours and payments
  • Miho, a day tours expert that lived in Japan for many years and speaks fluent Japanese and has been with the company 18 months. She will be responsible for communication to Nakatomi Holdings and developing day to day activities of the tours
  • Gupta, an IT expert originally from India and been with the company 3 years is responsible for updating the website, developing booking software
  • Edward, a former sales manager with Go Go Travel for 7 years. He left 2 years ago to work elsewhere and has come back to Go Go Travel 6 months ago. He is responsible for the implementing the marketing plan, digital media for Nakatomi Holdings and its agents.

A copy of the organisational chart is available here:Organisation Chart – Go Go Travel Organisation Chart – Go Go Travel




In the past few seeks there has been increasing disagreement and conflict between John and Edward. John has been wanting to have the project run his way as he has been with the company the longest. Edward also wants the project run his way as his background is sales and he has worked for the company for some time previously. No marketing material has been approved yet and is behind schedule. No airline or accommodation agreements have been drafted. The remaining staff members have been reluctant to speak up and have not been completing all their work on time as they are concerned, they will be offside with either John or Edward no matter what they do. Margaret has said to you that she is finding it difficult to confirm a budget as there is no agreement in the team on the makeup of the tours and it changes week to week. Gupta is behind schedule with the website as he does not know how build the marketing pages without the marketing plan. Miho has stated to you she cannot book day tours as she does not know how long each tour will last and what airline and hotel they are using. Your contacts at the airlines and large hotel chains have emailed you that they are having to amend their quotes to try to obtain our business every week and this is costing them in staff time. The Japanese company has written to you expressing concern at the lack of progress and the reports seem to contain little information of value. The management of Go Go Travel is concerned now and seeking your answers and plans to fix these issues.

Task 3: Team Member Responsibilities

Part A:

For this part of the task, you are required to complete the Team Member Roles and Responsibilities form for the team members identified in the case study.

Download the form here:Team members roles & responsibilities Team members roles & responsibilities


(I have attached the template on separate word file)


Part B:

Nisha is a junior at Go Go Travel. At a bi-monthly appraisal, Nisha is told has fallen short of her predetermined performance targets. Nisha has been deemed unsatisfactory when assessed on work methods and additional responsibilities. Her line manager has noticed that Nisha requires constant guidance from senior staff and is reluctant to undertake additional tasks with added responsibilities.

Nisha is quite a shy individual and is reluctant to socialise with colleagues both in and out of work. Her general conduct is good; she is prompt and well-presented and behaves professionally. Managers are concerned that her confidence is the contributing factor to her poor performance.

Write a script for a proposed feedback session to Nisha from her line management. Be sure to present the negative feedback appropriately and offer solutions to improve Nisha’s performance. Use the following template:Task 4 Part B Template(here we need to write the script as mentioned below )

Write a script for a proposed feedback session to Nisha from her line management. Be sure
to present the negative feedback appropriately and offer solutions to improve Nisha’s

Task 4: Team performance Plan and Stakeholder Communication

Part A:

For this par of the task, you are required to complete the Team Performance Plan and the Stakeholder Communication Plan using the template provided.

Download the template here:Team Performance Plan & Stakeholder Communications Team Performance Plan & Stakeholder Communications

(I have attached the template on separate word file)

Part B:

Jane is a senior member of a credit control team for Go Go Travel. Jane has recently been assigned the task of providing regular feedback to a group of three creditors. The feedback must be comprehensive of the team’s efforts and progress, and Jane needs to be prepared for difficult questions from the creditors.

The creditors are in various territories and work within different organisations themselves. The creditors desire personal and regular feedback sessions regarding projects and will also wish to have a way of contacting Jane as and when they need. Jane must identify an appropriate method of communication that suits the stakeholders whilst being logistically possible.

Using this scenario above, suggest appropriate communication channels for Jane to keep in contact with the creditors. Use the following template:Task 5 Part B Template

(Here we need to write the script as mentioned below)

Using the scenario explained in the case study, suggest appropriate communication
channels for Jane to keep in contact with the creditors. Explain your answer in
approximately 100-150 words.

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