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Stage 4

Mary Ryan’s Book Stores A potentially problematic activity system and a proposed IS


25% Due: Week 11

Friday 23:59

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Approx. 700-1500 words
(guide only)


In relation to the Mary Ryan bookstore business organisation answer these questions in this template:


  1. Refer back to the potentially problematic activity system you identified in stage 2, use the DeLone-McLean Model of Information System Success to describe the areas in which the existing human activity system is potentially not successful.

















  1. Refer back to the potentially problematic activity system you identified in stage 2, describe measures of efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness for the existing (problematic) human activity system

























  1. Refer back to the potentially problematic activity system you identified in stage 2 and take into consideration the competitiveness from stage 3, come up with an information system which will better support the organizational goals.
    1. Briefly describe what your new information system is (100-200 words).
    2. Draw a process model using the BPMN notation for the new information system you are proposing.
    3. Explain in detail how the new information system  you are proposing will add value to the business and how it supports competitive advantage for the business. In your discussion identify primary or secondary activities according to Porter’s value model. Also, make sure to list the likely stakeholders of this new information system and define their roles. Make sure to classify the new information system as either: front-end, back-end, customer-facing, or supplier-facing; and explain why.

(For 7610ICT: You will need to provide a discussion that is well integrated with concepts of value, competition, industry structure, competitive advantage, value chain etc. You may wish to integrate literature from other sources such as academic journals to support your argument.)

























Task reflection (must completed to make full marks possible)


How confident are you that your answers are fully correct? Indicate your level of confidence by marking on the line below.



What (if anything) do you believe are the most surely correct elements your work?



What (if anything) are you unclear or not sure of in the work you have completed? What questions do you have?



Feedback for your teachers:

Was anything unclear to you as you undertook this part of the assessment?  If so, what was it? Was there anything that was particularly helpful?  If so what was it?

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