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Part 1 – SOR: Subject line: in the first line of your SOR, list main topics of Parts 2, 3B, & 4. (Example of subject line: coercive & reward powers, high production, low people; Servant Leadership)
FYI: Use headings to identify your answers to Parts 2-5 to help all of us follow your answers.
Part 2–SOR:LO 11.9. Power and Influence. Explain how or why 2-3 of the eight specific types of power (LO 11.9a, b, & c) most help Coach Harbaugh to be an effective leader. (Hint: You are to explain 1-2 reasons for each power separately because they address different types of influence. So, be sure your explanations correctly describe each type of power.)
Part 3 – SOR:LO 11.5.Behavioral approaches to leadership. As noted in our text, the two leadership dimensions for the Ohio State University Studies, University of Michigan Studies, and The Leadership Grid reflect similar pairs of leadership behaviors.
Part 3.A. – SOR: Explain 1-2 specific ways Coach Harbaugh illustrates Consideration or Concern for People behaviors OR Initiating Structure or Concern for Production behaviors. (Hint: You only need to address one type of leadership behavior.)
Part 3.B. – SOR: Refer to Exhibit 11.6.Explain 1-2 detailed reasons why Coach Harbaugh needs each type of leadership behaviors to be low, moderate, or high to be an effective leader in his role as Coach. (Hint: Be sure to explain the levels for both types of leadership behaviors.)
Part 4 – SOR: LOs 11.2b & c; reading, and video: Servant or Authentic Leadership. Explain how Coach Harbaugh appears to illustrate 2-3 characteristics of Servant Leadership or Authentic Leadership.

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