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Executive Leadership and Management Case Study:


For this assignment, the student will write a 1200–1500 word assessment in APA format of their findings and recommendations for improvement at the RST Company and the reason for each recommendation. Each recommendation should be supported by the research that they have found.

There will be a title page required, but no abstract. Write at graduate-level quality.

Perform academic research through the LU Online Library by selecting four scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published within the past 5 years and the Satterlee text. Materials/articles that are embedded in the course may be used, but do not count as one of the required scholarly/peer-reviewed sources.

Integrate a minimum of one biblical principle that relates toone or more of your concepts. Listing a Bible verse alone is unacceptable. Provide a verse or biblical principle and elaborate how it relates to your topic and today’s current culture. Only scripture from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments are allowed. Other sacred texts should not be used for the purposes of biblical integration in this course.

Using the information above and the included bar charts, determine what needs to happen to return this company to its past success.

The following headings should be used to complete the assignment:

Title page (see the template at the Writing Style Guides link in the course)

1. RST Carports and Metal Roofing (this is your introduction)

2. Experience Levels of Employees

3. How Leadership Styles Could Have Affected the Change at RST

4. How Management Decision Styles Could Have Affected the Change at RST

5. How Types of Power Could Have Affected the Change at RST

6. A Pareto Analysis of the Three Main Problems That Could Have Affected the Change at RST

7. Recommendations

8. Biblical Integration

9. Conclusion

10. References

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