Examine the following “propositions.”

Examine the following “propositions.” Which are well phrased? Which violate the criteria of a well-phrased proposition? What criteria do they violate? Rephrase the incorrect propositions so they meet the requirements for academic debate.Inadequate parking facilities on campusThe AIDS crisisShould our college abandon intercollegiate athletics?The present method of electing the president of the United States should be improvedAffirmative action in college admissionsGay/lesbian rightsIs politically correct speech a violation of free speech?Our college should not adopt a multicultural curriculumPhrase one proposition of fact, one of value, and one of policy for each of the following areas:Health CareEducationCivilityThe War on TerrorTuitionFrom the newspapers, newsmagazines, and radio and television broadcasts, and Internet discussions of the past week, identify what problems are currently being debated in Congress or in the nation. Phrase propositions of fact, v

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The 4th Amendment

The 4th Amendment The Fourth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against….

Execution, Monitoring, and Controlling

Execution, Monitoring, and Controlling Assignment Overview: For this assignment, you will be assessing a proposed change to the scope of the project, proposing an overview of a change management process,….

Law of Associations

Law of Associations assignment 2000 words excluding bibliography. Compulsory Assignment Question Bathroom Design Pty Limited (in liq) (Company) was wound up in September 2021. The Company operated a business of….