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In January 2018, AMAZON.COM Inc. (Amazon) opened its first self-service Amazon Go convenience store in Seattle, Washington, USA. Armed only with a smartphone app tied to a credit card, a customer could enter the store, select merchandise from the aisles and refrigeration cases, and just walk out—no lines, no waiting, no cashier. A can of coke, chocolate  bar, or  chicken sandwich placed in  a  shopper’s bag, is identified, accounted for, and charged to a payment card, all facilitated by computer vision, deep learning, and sensor-based information technologies (IT). Based on extensive public sources, the Amazon Go case provides a rich opportunity to explore an IT-enabled start- up that potentially threatens three industries: convenience stores, grocery stores, and fast-food outlets. In the future, the technology, either by licensing or expansion by Amazon, arguably could disrupt the broader retail industry and its millions of employees. You have an opportunity to explore the business automation technology and the associated range of digital skills required to demonstrate professional competency within an organisation.

 Assignment Task – Portfolio 

This assessment is worth 100% of the total marks for the module


1)    In a short report, examine the digital development of recent years and explain the continuing industrial advancement. Provide an overview of the digital skills sections in demand and discuss examples from different industries and the modern workplace.

2)    Reflect on own management and leadership soft skills using a range of models and develop and justify a personal development plan that will facilitate an increased level of effective management and leadership. Please combine three non-digital and two digital soft skills.

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