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1. Scenario: If a guest falsely registers, the guest may be considered a trespasser and thereby disentitled to the duty of care owed by an innkeeper to a guest.

Question: Do you think that the false registration would disentitle the guest from a claim for personal injury caused by the negligence of the innkeeper?

2. Why is it recommended that a management representative deal with a registered guest

who must seek accommodation elsewhere because the hotel is overbooked?

3. Scenario: Franklin arrived at the airport and handed his bags to the limousine driver of the Chamber Hotel. Upon arrival, he was informed that a room was not available but that a room was available at a motel across the street. Question: Can mutual intent be said to exist between Franklin and the Chamber Hotel?

4. Ivan, an employee of the federal government, was required to be bilingual. As part of a French immersion initiative, Ivan’s department head found him accommodation with the Bourbeau family, who live on a farm outside Sherbrooke, Quebec. Ivan stayed

with the family for two months, and was entertained and fed by them for the entire period.

Question: Did this constitute an innkeeper–guest relationship or a landlord–tenant relationship?

5. Scenario: After checking out of a hotel, Vera ate breakfast in the hotel’s dining room. She then drove downtown to attend a meeting. After a long day, she returned to the hotel to

fetch the bags she had left in her room. To her surprise, the room had been re-rented and was now occupied by a dentist who was attending a conference. The new occupant claimed to know nothing about her belongings. The bags were never found. Question: Did the hotel have a responsibility with respect to Vera’s luggage? If so, of what did the responsibility consist of?

6. Can a person known to have AIDS be refused accommodation? Why or why not?

7.Why should an innkeeper who finds it necessary to use force to evict or subdue a guest summon (call) the police?


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