Do longer maternity leaves hurt women’s careers?

Please help me answer these two questions. Questions and required materials are provided below.
Task overview:
Organisations attempt to address gender equality in the workplace by offering family-friendly benefits such as parental leave. However, many mothers and fathers are still reluctant to take long parental leave due to potential bias and discrimination from their co-workers and supervisors at work. In this assignment, you are required to apply relevant OB theories/frameworks/perspectives to address the following questions:
1.Using stereotyping perspectives in Block 2a topic, discuss the potential stereotyping problems from their colleagues or supervisors when mothers/fathers takes a long parental leave;
2. When a mother/father experiences prejudice or discrimination for taking a long parental leave (e.g., not being promoted or not given career opportunities), how does this perception of inequity impact their motivation and also their actions in reducing this inequity tension? Discuss these issues from motivation perspectives (see Block 3a topic).
Additional requirements:
Subheadings should identify each of the two sections. You only need to address the two questions identified above, i.e., you do not need to write an introduction or conclusion.
The response length should be 1500 words (excluding the reference list and up to 750 words per question).Students must strictly adhere to the word limit (750 words per question) set for each question. Mark will only read up to the word limit for each question and mark accordingly. Your submitted document MUST be in a Word format or PDF format – we will not mark any papers in any other formats.
You are required to reference (i.e. use and cite within their document) at leastsix (6) peer-reviewed journals. You must distinguish clearly between your own words/analysis and those of your sources. Failure to provide appropriate citations is plagiarism. Your list of references shouldonlyinclude material cited in the assignment. The reference list will not count towards your final word count. The reference style adopted for this unit is APA 7th edition.
Your essay must use double spacing, and a 2.5cm margin at the top and bottom of the page, and on the right-hand and left-hand sides. You should use Arial, 12-point font for the text.
The following will provide useful resources for this assignment. However, you need to do further research. Please note if you may cite all of the journal articles belowonlytwoof these journal articles (even if you cited more than two) arecounted towards the ‘minimum of 6 journal articles’ requirement. Therefore, you need to research and cite beyond those articles listed below. Last, for your information, Harvard Business Review is not considered a journal article.

  • Hideg, I., Krstic, A., Trau, R., & Zarina, T. (2018a). Do longer maternity leaves hurt women’s careers?Harvard Business Review.
  • Hideg, I., Krstic, A., Trau, R. N., & Zarina, T. (2018b). The unintended consequences of maternity leaves: How agency interventions mitigate the negative effects of longer legislated maternity leaves.Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(10), 1155-1164.
  • Kossek, E. E., Su, R., & Wu, L. (2017). “Opting out” or “pushed out”? Integrating perspectives on women’s career equality for gender inclusion and interventions.Journal of Management, 43(1), 228-254.

Non-academic resources:

  • ABS. (2017). One in 20 dads takes primary parental leave.Gender Indicators, Australia, September 2017Retrieved from
  • ABS. (2018). Pregnancy and Employment Transitions, Australia, Nov 2017. Retrieved on 11th November 2019
  • Australian Human Rights Commission. (2014).Supporting Working Parents: Pregnancy and Return to Work National Review – Report. Sydney: Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Keleher, H., & Hutcheson, E. (2015).Baby Makes 3: Final Report. Melbourne: Carrington Health.

Tips: You need more than 6 journal articles and also APA 7th Edition style is adopted flawlessly. Again if you cited recommended journal articles provided above, only a maximum of two are counted towards the 6 journal articles requirement.

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