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Discussion on Terminology in them technological and them organization boundaries.
Them study on the discussion is based on discussing technologies coming from Scott & Davis (2007). Them discussion is based on discussing technology and organization boundaries of the natural, ration and them open systems in the technical terminology and them social terminology. It also, discusses according to Scott & Davis (2007, p. 125) its them structure of the contingency perspective. It is what technology for them benefit of its use in them technical and social terminologies of hardware, machines, and equipment. It says how them environments use them structures to provide an output, in them task they incorporate. The physical demands for them technology used. Its terminology is about organizations they are technical, but they relate in them aspects of them physical demands. It is also, discussed what is needed from terminology and its them methods for them benefits of there outcome. They situate is based on the systems which are technical and them approach is they levels withing them systems, which are ethnical and them approaches I them levels within they three perspectives. Therefor they natural, open, and rational systems is combined into they contingency perspective, which Scott & Davis, (2007, p .126) output is on what is internal of knowledge in them techniques and tool.

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