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Use one (1) formal reflection model (either Gibbs, Rolfe or Wanda, whichever you prefer), to complete a formal critical reflection on one of the events from your reflective journal. Use the reflection model steps as headings.

Choose an event from your professional practice that conflicted with one (1) of your values. Choose only one (1) value.

Use the steps in your chosen reflection model to:

· Describe the event including how one (1) of your values was challenged

· Reflect on the significance of the event. (a deep, critical analysis of why the event is important to your personal and professional life)

· Discuss what you learned about yourself personally and professionally during the reflection process regardless of which model you use. (Take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions and the part you played in the event)

· Decide what you could do differently should a similar event occur again. You must identify an alternate way of responding to similar events in the future.

· Identify the personal and professional knowledge and skills you will need to develop to enable you to think, feel and behave differently should a similar event occur again (personal/professional development goals).

· Outline at least two (2) practical strategies you would use to achieve your identified personal /professional development goals, including who or what may assist you. This is about how you will achieve the personal/professional goals you have identified

· Discuss the impact of the changes you will make on you, your colleagues, your clients, your clients’ families and the wider community/society (imagine the ripple effect of your improved actions).

· Demonstrate through your writing that you understand how empowering and impactful critical reflection can be. How by changing yourself (your thoughts, feelings, outlook, responses, behaviours), you can develop your personal and professional knowledge and skills as well as influence change in others

Use of creative formats that support your interpretation, analysis and discussion are highly encouraged. You may use your own diagrams and tables if you wish.

You must support your discussion using evidence from the literature/referencing. This applies any time you discuss the significance of what you are discussing as well as when you paraphrase or quote someone else’s work. Keep quotes to a minimum (10% of whole assessment).


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