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  1. Identify the hard and soft technology used for both the domestic and global environments of Knight-swift Transportation company. This isnotabout computers or software.

– Identify the technology barriers to your chosen company in both environments.
– Discuss how the company can overcome these barriers.
– Evaluate the strategy used and how the company should protect its technology.
Ans. Context Setting:

  • Technology is an essential part of modern life and business.
  • For transportation companies like Knight-Swift, the use of technology helps them to remain competitive in both domestic and global markets.
  • But what exactly does that technology involve?
  • Here, we’ll explore the hard and soft technology used by Knight-Swift for both domestic and international operations.
  • We’ll look at the various types of technologies used to identify operational needs, track vehicles and cargo, optimize routes, improve safety protocols and more.

Q. Identify the technology barriers to your chosen company in both environments.

  • There are a few different technology barriers that Knight-Swift Transportation company faces in both their domestic and global environments.
  • For starters, they lack a truly centralized system for managing all of their vehicles and drivers.
  • This makes it difficult to track data and optimize operations across the board.
  • Additionally, their vehicle fleet is aging and in need of updating.
  • This is especially true in terms of emissions, as many of their trucks do not meet current standards.
  • Finally, they have limited visibility into the supply chain, which can make it difficult to plan and execute efficient shipments.
  • In terms of the global environment, there are a few additional technology barriers.
  • The first is language barriers between drivers and customers that can make communication and coordination difficult.
  • Additionally, Knight-Swift faces issues with compliance to different regulations in different countries.
  • Finally, they have limited access to local networks and resources that could be used to enhance their operations.

Q. Discuss how the company can overcome these barriers.

  • There are a few ways that Knight-Swift Transportation company can overcome the barriers they are facing with their domestic and global environments.
  • For starters, they can invest in more efficient and reliable transportation infrastructure.
  • This would include things like building better roads, railways, and ports.
  • It would also mean investing in new technologies that can help improve the efficiency of their operations.
  • Another way to overcome these barriers is to improve their management and organizational practices.
  • This could involve implementing lean manufacturing practices or Six Sigma methods.
  • It could also involve investing in better training for their employees.
  • Finally, Knight-Swift Transportation company can work on improving their relationships with their suppliers and customers.
  • This includes developing long-term contracts with key suppliers, as well as working to build trust and mutual respect with their customers.
  • By investing in these areas and developing strategies to overcome the barriers they face, Knight-Swift Transportation can ensure that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Q. Evaluate the strategy used and how the company should protect its technology.

  • The company should consider the following when determining how to protect its technology:
    -Unauthorized use
    -Reverse engineering
    -Improper disposal
  • To protect its technology, Knight-swift Transportation company should take the following measures:
    -Develop and implement policies and procedures for safeguarding technology.
    -Educate employees on proper handling of confidential information and trade secrets.
    -Encrypt data and limit access to authorized personnel only.
    -Regularly review security measures and update as needed.

-Regularly monitor activity and audit logs to detect potential security breaches.
-Implement multi-factor authentication for access to sensitive data or systems.
-Use robust firewalls and other security technologies to protect networks from outside threats.
-Conduct regular reviews of employees’ access rights to ensure they are appropriate.
-Enforce strict policies on mobile devices and data portability, including remote wipe capabilities if the device is lost or stolen.
-Engage third-party security experts to audit and assess security measures.
Overall, the strategy used by Knight-swift Transportation company is effective in protecting its technology from theft, unauthorized use, reverse engineering and improper disposal. However, the company should regularly review its policies and procedures, monitor activity and audit logs, and engage third-party security experts to ensure its security measures are up to date.

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