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1.Discuss challenges likely to be faced by the office of the future and suggest possible remedies.(20 marks)

2.(a) Outline the factors taken into consideration when purchasing a photocopying machine.(10 marks)

(b) Explain the measures that should be put in place to ensure proper utilization of office equipment.(10 marks)

3.State and explain the guidelines that an office manager could follow to perform his duties ethically.(20 marks)

4.(a) In the recent past, a trend has emerged of using moveable office partitions.

Identify six reasons for this trend.(6 marks)

(b) Outline the measures that a business firm should put in place in order to maintain security within the office premises.(14 marks)

5.(a) Explain how information technology has influenced the operations of business organizations.(8 marks)

(b) Define the terms teleconferencing and explain three methods of achieving it.(12 marks)

6.(a) With reference to moveable assets,define the term “lease”.(2 marks)

(b) Argue the case for leasing over buying a office assets.(18 marks)








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