. Discuss 5 reasons why the implementation of the EA tools at GreenFoods would make GreenFoods achieve its business goals.

IT investments and poor business and IT alignment in general. To boost its EA initiative, the company
decided to purchase a specialized software tool for enterprise architecture. For this purpose, its IT
leaders studied the available offerings on the EA tool market, contacted most promising vendors,
organized meetings with vendor representatives and listened to their presentations. As a result,
GreenFoods had selected and acquired a rather powerful and expensive tool for enterprise
architecture from a well-known vendor. Then, the company had installed and configured the tool,
established a central repository for storing architectural information and sent its architecture team to
a special training supplied by the tool vendor. After the training, architects had documented most
areas of the organizational IT landscape and associated business processes in the EA repository and
started to update this information to keep it current. Architects were also impressed with the
modeling, visualization and analytical capabilities offered by their new EA tool.
However, GreenFoods’s CIO is sceptical towards the chosen EA tool. He believes that the company is
only wasting money on the tool as it is essentially nothing more than a sophisticated repository of
current-state information. Furthermore, the tool is used by only 4-5 people in the entire organization
(all architects), does not facilitate informed decision-making among business stakeholders in any
sense and does not contribute to achieving the original objectives of the EA initiative to improve
business and IT alignment.
As a newly employed manager at GreenFoods; GreenFoods’s CIO has asked you to provide a report
that addresses the following:
1. Discuss 5 reasons why the implementation of the EA tools at GreenFoods would make
GreenFoods achieve its business goals.
2. In GreenFood EA practice, Strategic goals and Tactical goals are very important to them.
Discuss the differences between Strategic goals and Tactical goals. Use Lecture notes and
recommended textbook to answer this question

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