Digital marketing audit

Your task Individually, you are required to conduct a digital marketing audit of a company that your workshop facilitator will assign to you at the end of the week 2 class. Please note that you will need to use the same company in the third assessment. If you focus on any other company than the one your workshop facilitator provides, your submission will receive a grade of zero. Assessment Description. In this individual assessment, students will be given an opportunity to evaluate technologies such as interactive media, the internet, electronic marketing and social media and the ways marketers can utilise these. In addition, students will be given an opportunity to compare e-marketing with traditional and blended methods to identify future opportunities for business growth. Assessment Instructions Using the digital audit framework (shown below), you are to conduct an audit on the company that the workshop facilitator assigned to you by writing an 8-page analysis of how the company performs in the digital landscape. More specifically, you must address the following requirements and structure:

1. A concise introduction of the company, including but not limited to a brief history, location information, size of the business, product/service offering and so on.

2. Which digital platforms are the platforms using and not using? Please, explain why the company focuses on these platforms. 3. How is the company implementing its digital strategy? Please support your stance with relevant sources of information.

4. Based on your findings, where is the company finding its success? Justify your answer.

5. Who are the direct and indirect competitors? What are competitors doing, and where are competitors finding their success online?

6. Based on your findings and using the digital audit framework, where (not how) could the company improve?

7. References List (Not included in the page limit of your submission)

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