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In a construction project, consider the account 0800 on concrete pouring which is made up of two sub-accounts, which are further divided into three secondary sub-accounts each. Determine and report the missing values in the cells of Table 10.6 together with the Percent Complete for all levels of the accounts including the values in the row for account 0800.

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In an expansion project for a workshop, the amounts of work for the following activities were estimated as reported in Table 10.7.

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(a) Calculate the budgeted unit rate of work for each activity and report in the associated column in Table 10.7. When estimates and calculations were revised just before implementation it was realized that the amounts of work were wrong. The new estimates were determined as in Table 10.8. After the initiation of the project at some point in time the amount of work performed in the activities was assessed by the quantity surveyor and reported as in Table 10.8. (b) Determine the progress of work in each activity and the associated earned hours of work. Report the progress of the project

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