Designing an Effective Compensation Program

GreggU. (2018b, September 16).Executive Compensation [Video]. YouTube.
In this final written assignment, research methods that human resources departments embrace in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their selected compensation programs. Offer suggestions on how best to manage compensation programs that are measured as ineffective. Then, after describing measurement processes, and examples of effective and non-effective compensation programs, conclude your presentation by offering a recommendation of how best to measure the effectiveness of the compensation program you recommended in the Week 4 assignment paper (Designing an Effective Compensation Program). Using the aforementioned “Guidelines for Writing Papers”, write a 6 page academic paper that answers the challenge of this Week 8 assignment.

Guidelines for Writing Papers

Your papers should be:

  • word-processed using Microsoft’s WORD (extension .doc or .docx)
  • double-spaced

Your papers should have:

  • one-inch margins
  • a font size of 12
  • a cover page that includes your paper’s title, your name, the date, and the course identification
  • an introduction that states the purpose of the paper, and provides a roadmap of the paper’s contents
  • paragraphs that develop and support your ideas
  • section titles or headings, that help to organize your presentation
  • a conclusion that summarizes the paper
  • a logical flow
  • smooth transitions between ideas
  • in-text citations and a reference (bibliography) page using APA style (no footnotes)

NO grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors

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