Design a database to hold the information described below

Sustainability taskforce: You have signed on as a member of Sustainability Taskforce, which sponsors ecologically oriented community projects of various kinds (such as building and distributing composters or constructing energy‐efficient low‐income housing). You have volunteered to start building a relational database to replace the hodgepodge of spreadsheets currently being used to track membership and projects. Assume you have access to a zip code table and plan to include it in the database. First, you want to keep track of all the taskforce’s members. For each member, you want to store the following information: first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, address information (street address, city, state, and zip code), phone number, e‐mail address, and date of joining the organization. Furthermore, most members have a mentor, who is another member of the taskforce. For each project, you want to store a name, worksite address (street address, city, state, and zip code), description, date started, and date ended (blank if the project is still ongoing). Furthermore, you want the database to remember which members are involved in each project: a project can involve as few as 1 member and in some cases as many as 25. A small number of the members involved in each project are designated project leaders; usually there is just one leader per project, but for some larger projects there may be two or three. Design a database to hold the information described above. Draw an ER diagram, and write a database design outline.

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which statement will read the file into memory?

A.Opening a file in read mode performs which operation?   a. Creates a new file                        b. Reads consecutive characters from a file c. Reads all the content of a file   ….

The PR intervals with 2nd degree AV heart block, type I

A. The PR intervals with 2nd degree AV heart block, type I   a. are constant. b. are absent. c. are shorter in duration than 0.12 seconds. d. become progressively….

Write a program that compares two fi les whose names are provided as user input.

Assuming that a text fi le contains characters in the ASCII range 0 to 127 and contains at least one newline character, create a function that uses the fi lename….