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EssayAssignment 04T04 Aviation SecuritySources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be at least four (4 ) double spaced pages refer to the ” Assignment Format”To increase your knowledge of the field, write an essay stating your opinion about whether airport security has measurably improved since September 11, 2001.
1. Conduct research on the internet and back up your discussion with some of the latest government, newspaper, or magazine articles about airport security. Use three (3 ) references other than your textbook in your response.
2. Describe whether security has improved since September 11, 2001? Why or why not? Provide three (3 ) supporting facts to justify your position.
3. Describe two (2 ) measures that you believe could be implemented to reduce security costs and offer effective solutions.
Assignment 4 RubricCourse: Aviation Security
Research: Student utilizes at least 3 sources other than the book.Security: Student provides a clear, logical description of whether he of she believes security has improved since September 11, 2001, along with at least 3 clear, logical supporting facts.Measure to implement: student provides a clear, logical description of at least 2 measures that could be implemented to reduce costs and offer effective solutions.Mechanics: student does not make any errors in grammar or spelling, especially those that distract the reader from the content.Format- APA Format, Citations, Organization, Transition:The paper is written in proper APA and organizational format. All sources used for quotes and facts are credible and cited correctly. Excellent organization, including a variety of thoughtful transitions.

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