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Monitor performance
Your organisation has identified a new marketing opportunity.
The design department has come up with a new product, and the marketing department has researched to determine that there is a market for the product.
A business plan to support the introduction of the new product has been drawn up. Risk analyses and cost-benefit analyses have been completed, and it is now time to implement the plan.
The plan contains several key results areas (KRAs) and covers testing/ trialling, monitoring, and reporting procedures.
You were instrumental in drawing up the plan, and you will be in charge of implementing and monitoring the plan to ensure successful implementation.

  • To whom will you communicate the plan?
  • How will you ensure that skilled labour is available?
  • Describe the steps you will take to implement the plan and the procedures you will follow to collect performance data and respond to feedback on the plan’s performance.
  • Explain why it is important to have performance management systems in place.
  • If issues or problems arise, what actions might you take?
  • Explain why it is necessary and important to monitor and report on plan implementation. (Total of 3,000 words)

It is up to each assessor to determine the amount of detail required and the points that must be covered in the answers. Assessors must provide, to learners, a clear explanation regarding the standard of work and amount of evidence required.
Learners should conduct research and read materials from other sources to answer the questions. Answers that use information from readings must be appropriately cited and referenced.
Points that should be addressed in answers to this activity are:
The business plan must be communicated to all relevant parties in a timely manner—this could be in meetings, one-on-one, via electronic communication or as part of a specific presentation. Appropriate communication procedures must be followed to ensure that everyone understands their roles and the roles and responsibilities of others and support buy-in.
It will be necessary to check that all involved and affected personnel understand the relevant performance requirements and time frames concerning the implementation and adoption of the plan. They need to know what the milestones are and the deadlines for full implementation.

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