Describe the relationship between customer expectations and customer satisfaction.

1. How are customers’ expectations formed? Explain the difference between desired service and adequate service with reference to a service experience you’ve had recently.

2.What are “moments of truth”? Provide one example of a positive moment of truth and one example of a negative moment of truth.

3. Describe the difference between high-contact and low-contact services, and explain how the nature of the customer’s experience may differ between the two.

4. Answer 9(a) AND 9 (b)

9 (a) Choose a service with which you are familiar and create a diagram that represents the servuction system. Define the front-stage and backstage activities. Be ready to share your screen in class in order to show your diagram.

9 (b) What are the backstage elements of (a) a car repair facility, (b) an airline, (c) a university, and (d) a consulting firm?

5. Describe the relationship between customer expectations and customer satisfaction.

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Is it likely that Goldman Sachs will be able to hire the best and brightest recruits unless they change the culture described?

ETHICS CASE Questionable Values Produce Resignation at Goldman Sachs Allegations of serious impropriety and perhaps illegality surrounding Goldman Sachs’s contribution to the 2008 financial crisis have been well publicized. Allegations….

Explain how Braintrust can link their compensation and evaluations to the company’s new objectives and innovation strategy.

Braintrust Toys is a toy maker that has as its mission, “Our purpose is to expand the minds of children 1 month–100 years old.” Currently they use a product development….

Analyze and discuss the five key elements of successful change management.

Overcoming barriers to change: A Corus case study Overview of the Case: Corus was formed in 1999 when the former British Steel plc merged with the Dutch company, Hoogovens. Corus….