Describe the communication strategies and skills that need to be implemented when engaging authentically with the adolescent, including therapeutic use of self.

Assessment 2: Case Study consists of 2 parts.
Assessment 2 is worth 40% of your final grade. Assessment 2 is designed to demonstrate your learning to date and more specifically focusses on topics from Week 5 through to Week 9.
You will be required to present your case study via an online presentation in Week 10 (commences Mon 16th may 2022).This case study presentation requires you to connect and engage with the experiences of adolescents and use the HEEADSSS domains and 5Ps to identify the psychosocial and behavioural concerns underlying any health issues and risk factors, so that you can plan the most appropriate nursing care.
The HEEADSSS domains and 5Ps is not a checklist rather, it’s a framework in which you use your deep listening skills, not only listening to what is said, what is not said, but also attending to non-verbal responses. It’s also about being aware of how your own attitudes, beliefs and behaviours can influence the information you receive.
Part 2.1: Presentation
Select ONE of the three adolescent experiences (Atif, Georgia OR John) located on the learn online site to prepare a case study presentation. Your case study should address the following with clear links to the chosen scenario:

  • Conduct a trauma informed, developmentally appropriate and recovery centred HEEADSSS, 5Ps and/or any additional psychosocial assessment or measures and identify the adolescent’s mental health challenges that are presented in the scenario.
  • Discuss the legal and ethical issues associated with communicating and planning ongoing care.
  • Describe the communication strategies and skills that need to be implemented when engaging authentically with the adolescent, including therapeutic use of self.
  • Apply person centred care principles for ways of including the young person and family in assessment and planning processes, and eliciting their preferences, wishes and values.
  • Identify the most appropriate biopsychosocial interventions for your choose adolescent.
  • Discuss the ways the nurse could, within their scope of practice, support implementation of these biopsychosocial interventions.

Present your findings to the group via Zoom at your scheduled presentation time (allocated time 20 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for discussion).Note: 10% of your mark will be attributed to your presentation style.
Part 2.2: Written (PowerPoint)
The professional quality of the presentation and of your PowerPoint slides will also be evaluated as part of your assessment. An example case study presentation is also located bellow. Please note that this is an EXAMPLE only to guide the development of your own PowerPoint Presentation. Use your own creativity to present your assessment clearly, concisely, and professionally to colleagues. A reference list slide at the end of your PowerPoint (in addition to the use of in-text referencing using the Harvard UniSA referencing style) (10%)
Word length: This assessment is to be equivalent to 3,500 words
Submission process and dates

  • Case Study: Part 2.1 – Presentation will be assessed during an online/zoom platform oral presentation during Week 10 (either on16th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th May 2022).
  • Case Study: Part 2.2 – Written (PowerPoint) then you need to upload your PowerPoint presentation into learn online / gradebook by Friday 20th May 2022 at 5pm(Adelaide time zone).

Please note: There are no re-submissions for this assessment (see variation to assessment task
Study Help
To assist you with this assessment, please review the following ‘Study Help’ resources:

  • Assignments: Case studies (
  • Case Studies_Oct_2017.pdf (

Feedback for this assignment will be provided within your assignment via 2.1 Oral Presentation feedback form (rubrics) and the 2 .2 Written (PowerPoints) feedback form (rubrics) so that you are aware of how this assignment will be graded
Assessment Documents

  • PowerPoint slides EXAMPLE
  • Assessment 2_Case Study PART 2.1 Presentation feedback form (rubrics)
  • Assessment 2_Case Study PART 2.2 Written feedback form (rubrics)

Instructions for assessment two (case study presentation)
The instructions are:

  • You have been allocated a 30 mins time slot either on16th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th May 2022, please see the page below for the case study presentation roster (dates and times).
  • You only have to attend for the allocated zoom time slot in which you have to present.
  • You will be only presenting to two assessors ( Tutor and Course Coordinator).
  • You only have to join a few minutes before your start time and the Interstate students, please note these times are SA time (Adelaide time).
  • When you join the zoom session, the zoom function has been set to place you into a waiting room which an assessor will let you into the session. This function is being used to minimize disturbance for the student who is presenting and ensure no distractions occurs during assessment.
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Strategic Management Project

Assignment Content Review the Strategic Management Project Background and your strategic management research journal entries from Weeks 1–4. Create a 10-slide presentation for Caterpillar Inc. leadership in which you summarize your key findings, propose….

Case Problem Investment Strategy

Case Problem Investment Strategy J. D. Williams, Inc. is an investment advisory firm that manages more than $120 million in funds for its numerous clients. The company uses an asset allocation model that recommends the portion of each client’s portfolio to be invested in a growth stock fund, an income fund and a money market fund. To maintain diversity in each client’s portfolio, the firm places limits on the percentage of each portfolio that may be invested in each of the three funds. General guidelines indicate that the amount invested in the growth fund must be between 20% to 40% of the total portfolio value. Similar percentages for the other two funds stipulate that between 20% to 50% of the total portfolio must be in the income fund and at least 30% of the total portfolio value must be in the money market fund.   In addition, the company attempts to assess the risk tolerance of each client and adjust the portfolio to meet the needs of the individual investor. For example, Williams just contracted with a new client who has $800,000 to invest. Based on an evaluation of the client’s risk tolerance, Williams assigned a maximum risk index of 0.05 for the client. The firm’s risk indicators show the risk of the growth fund at 0.10, the income fund at 0.07 and the money market fund at 0.01. An overall portfolio risk index is computed as a weighted average of the risk rating for the three funds where the weights are the fraction of the client’s portfolio invested in each of the funds. Additionally, William’s is currently forecasting annual yields of 18% for the growth fund, 12.5% for the income fund and 7.5% fir the money market fund. Based on the information provided, how should the new client be advised to allocate $800,000 among the growth, income and money market funds? Develop a linear programming model that will provide the maximum yield for the portfolio. Use your model to develop a managerial report.   Managerial Report: a.Recommend how much of the $800,000 should be invested in each of the three funds. What is the annual yield you anticipate for the investment recommendation change? b.Assume that the client’s risk index could be increased to 0.055. How much would the yield increase and how would the investment recommendation change? c.Refer again to the original situation where the client’s risk index was assessed to be 0.05. How would your investment recommendation change if the annual yield for the growth fund were revised downward to 16% or even to 14%? d.Assume that the client expressed some concern about having too much money in the growth fund. How would the original recommendation change if the amount invested in the growth fund is not allowed to exceed the amount invested in the income fund? e.The asset allocation model you developed may be useful in modifying the portfolios for all the firm’s clients whenever the anticipated yields for the three funds are periodically revised. What is your recommendation as to whether use of this model is possible?  

Case Analysis

You can view the article (the case), “The Man Who Got Honeywell’s Groove Backt”, by linking to the course EReserves  Follow the Case Analysis Outline given in your syllabus. This is….