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Define ethics as it relates to business in this global economy

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HRM411 – Seminar in Human Resource Management Pre-Assessment: Ethics Due Date: 11:59 pm EST, Sunday of Unit 1 Points: 100 Overview: Ethical considerations need to be implemented and continuously monitored to maintain legal compliance in all aspects of how a business operates. Instructions: • Define ethics as it relates to business in this global economy. Requirements: • Submit a Word document. • Maximum three pages, minimum 500 words in length. Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.Evaluation Rubric for Pre-Assessment: Ethics Assignment CRITERIA Deficient Needs Proficient Exemplary Improvement 0 – 44 points 45 – 59 points 60 – 74 points 75 points Content Does not cover Does not do an Sufficient Provides in- the assigned adequate job of coverage of the depth coverage topic; covering the topics; most of the topics, assertions are assigned topic; assertions are assertions are not supported assertions are supported by clearly by evidence; weakly evidence. supported by paper is supported by evidence. seriously evidence. lacking in content and detail. 0 – 5 points 6 – 7 points 8 – 9 points 10 points Paper Length Does not meet n/a n/a Meets the the length length requirement. requirement. 0 – 8 points 9 – 11 points 12 – 14 points 15 points Clear and Errors impede Significant Few errors that Writing and Professional professional errors that do do not impede format are Writing presentation; not impede professional clear, guidelines not professional presentation. professional. followed. presentation.

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