Critically assess Cat Hill Felines need for information Your answer should consider potential risks, relate them to corresponding threats and vulnerabilities


  1. Big data analytics, mobile technologies, social media and the Internet of Things have increased the need for digital trust and the necessity for business strategies that offer confidence to manage risks while staying connected.

Identifying the risks involved, provide arguments and examples in support of this statement.

  1. After recent, high profile cybersecurity breaches (such as the Twitter bitcoin scam in July 2020 and the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach in March 2018) the public is becoming increasingly aware that companies make use of technologies to collect enormous amounts of data and apply their analytical tools and expertise to create new knowledge without the consent of the data owners. Critically assess the importance of data privacy and the need for the enforcement of effective data rights management strategies by companies. Your answer should include the main relevant rights of consumers in relation to their personal data covered by the General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR).


You are the Information Security Director of a business You are interviewing for the position of information security analyst. What would be the best answers you would expect from the successful candidate in the following questions?


  1. Suppose you work in an organisation that currently uses AES to encrypt sensitive internal databases and Describe the main procedures and practices that would be needed in your organisation to ensure that AES encryption keys are stored and managed in a safe, secure way.


  1. Your organisation is embarking on a new project which will require data to be encrypted with AES and shared with a What possible approaches would you suggest for communicating an AES encryption key to the client?
  2. Describe the difference between a monoalphabetic and a polyalphabetic substitution Explain which type is relatively less vulnerable to cryptographic attack.


  1. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital currencies with transactions recorded on a blockchain, i.e. a public, distributed ledger. Assess their potential impact on transactions, identifying their advantages and disadvantages over traditional payment methods.


  1. As blockchain technology matures various industries explore whether the new technology will have a significant impact in the future of financial. Propose three sectors/industries that can be transformed by the adoption of blockchain and describe how this can be done.


Cat Hill Felines is a charity founded in 2015 with the aim to help rescue, re-home, provide veterinary treatment and generally help cats in need. It is run by an ever-expanding network of volunteers, including Ms C. Felix, the chairperson, and depends entirely on membership fees and donations. Members register online and the records are kept on the charity’s computer system along with information about past and present rescue cases, veterinary professionals’ details, group events and activities.

There is no firewall protecting their server and ex-members may still have access to the system. There have been no known security breaches in the past.


  1. Critically assess Cat Hill Felines need for information Your answer should consider potential risks, relate them to corresponding threats and vulnerabilities and carry out a business impact analysis based on the loss or failure of their computer system.
  1. The charity has no process in place to deal with a potential security Devise and propose a process for managing such an incident. Your answer should identify the various steps of the process and persons involved.
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