Critically appraise how trademarks are protected in the UAE

Kindly solve the given case study by making a report of 2000 words. The case study can be accessed at the following link:

1. Critically appraise how trademarks are protected in the UAE

2. Judge what liability and remedies in case others imitate Patchi’s trademark so Patchi may file a case for trademark violation.

3. Critically advise what rights are granted to Patchi for their main and associated trademarks in the UAE including the term of protection and how the scopes of protection of trademark rights are are determined.

Your Terms of Reference:· Differentiate between protection of the company’s trademarks, and retains all IP rights for an invention developed by your company

· Justify reasons for registration of patent and trademarks although the same is automatic in most countries including UAE upon creation of the work or the used trademark

· Discuss from literature what are the issues that companies may face when protecting their inventions and maintain the same within the global context

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