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Create a PowerPoint presentation that argues a point of view. Begin by selecting a social, political, or professional topic that interests you. You are welcome to select one of your topics from the Unit 1 Homework, but you do not have to. You could watch the national or local news for a topic, or simply look around your world and community. What do you see and what point-of-view do you have about that? Your PowerPoint presentation must not be on the same topic as your Unit 2 Homework assignment, though. If you’re struggling to find a topic for your essay, consider the following suggestions: Think of something you want changed in your community, city, or state. Think about something that annoys you. If you were Mayor, Governor, or President, what would you do first? Why? Be sure to address the following in your presentation: What is the issue? What is your argument? Why should others care? Why do you believe what you believe? What evidence supports your point of view? Why is your point-of-view something others should support or believe? What are the opposing views and opinions regarding your position on the topic? Why are those views wrong or lacking? Be sure, also, to properly incorporate a minimum of 3 credible sources in your presentation. All research must be cited using this template. Use relevant visuals and dark, readable text on each slide. Be careful not to overload your slides with too much text, though. Use the Speaker’s Notes section of the PowerPoint to explain the content of each slide. Or you could use the audio feature in PowerPoint and record what you would say in the Speaker’s Notes section — your choice. Your presentation should be a minimum of 7 slides. Be sure to proofread and spell-check your Presentation.

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