Create a database called Sales with a single table called Stock.

(i) Ensure that either your database system has an accessible JDBC driver (using


the URL supplied in section 7.1, if necessary) or it has an ODBC driver (so that

you can use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver).

(ii) Create a database called Sales with a single table called Stock. Give it the

structure shown below and enter a few rows of data for use in the later

exercises. Make sure that there is at least one item for which the current level is

at or below the reorder level.

Field Name             Type

stockCode              Integer

description           Text/String

unitPrice               Real/Float/Currency

currentLevel         Integer

reorderLevel         Integer

(iii) If you need to use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver, then follow the

procedure outlined in section 7.3 to create an ODBC DSN for your database.

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