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Consider four different project proposals given to the State Waterworks Agency (SWA), which they will evaluate and decide which projects to accept. The criteria the SWA employs in this project selection process are the number of employments created, amount of electricity generated, and amount of land irrigated listed in the preemptive lexicographic order. The corresponding values of the individual projects for these criteria are given in the following Table together with the aspiration level for each criterion. The cost of each proposal is also included in the following table.

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Amount of electricity generated is expressed in MW and amount of land irrigated in ha. Cost of each proposal is expressed in $ million. The total amount funds allocated by the Appropriation Committee in the Parliament is $1700 million. Assume all project proposals to have the same duration for realization and they all meet the environmental criteria. The decision-making body wants to maximize the amount by which the aspiration level of each criterion is exceeded. They also want not to exceed the total amount of funds allocated. Apply preemptive goal programming to determine the projects to be realized.

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