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The business report can be based on your own multinational organization where you are currently working or previously worked, or based on your choice of a multinational corporation (e.g. Apple, ANZ Bank, Google, IKEA, Rio Tinto, Walmart, or Singapore Airline etc.), or any multinational organisation that you are familiar with. You are required to conduct research and report on what the chosen organization has done to succeed their international business via its unique global human resource management (HRM) strategies. Ideally, your chosen organization should operate in three or more countries across different continents, e.g. Asia, America, Australia/NZ and Europe, so you can compare the impacts of different cultural and institutional factors derived from adapting either Asian, American or European HRM models on the design and development of the chosen organization’s HRM strategies locally and/or globally. You could also assess the positive and negative impacts of different HRM strategies on host country employees and managers. Learning materials contained in all three modules of this unit should be used to support your case study and analysis, plus a broad range of readings. Elements of the report could include: • Identification of three countries that you intend to examine in the case analysis of your chosen organization; • Outlining the major cultural and institutional differences for the identified three countries; • Critique on how the cultural and institutional differences may impact on your chosen MNC’s global HRM policies and practices in general; Page 3 of 5 • Focus on analysis of different global HRM policies and practices, e.g. talent development, performance management, compensation and rewards, employee relations, diversity management. • Recommend improvements to the global HRM practices in the chosen organization, based on your analysis. In your case analysis, please use a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly texts and research books. In addition, you can also refer to other information about the organisation, the HR contexts of different countries, etc. In your case analysis, you are strongly encouraged to reflect upon your personal experiences, grounded on your research evidence, but not to offer your personal opinions other than recommendations based on evidence. You will be required to identify your chosen organisation to the Lecturer by 24 August 2020 to ensure that students are not researching the same organisation. Report Format – structure and presentation of your case study report Please use a formal report style with headings and a clear logical numbering system. You should also include a full list of references. Only include information in your references and appendices that have been directly cited in the body of your case study report. Your report should include:1. Title page – containing the unit code and title, your name and student id number; word count (e.g. 3000 words) and the topic of your case study report (e.g. ‘Global HRM strategies for Apple: Three countries compared’; or ‘An Evaluation of Global HRM Policies and Practices for HCL in Asia, America and Europe’; or ‘ANZ’s Human Resource Management in Canada, China and Germany’, etc. etc.)2. Table of contents (clearly with subheadings in alignment with page number)3. Introduction – a brief introduction of your report less than 250 words4. An overview of the organisation – very brief, NO NEED to cover all aspects of its HR policies and practices but type of organisation, industry, size, scope (esp. locations of operation) (less than 250 words)5. Literature review – this is an important part of your report as you need to draw all relevant literature (approx. 1000 words)6. Reflection of best practices or problems – this would be based on your analysis of the chosen organisation (approx. 1000 words)7. Conclusion – this would include recommendations for improving HRM policies and practices of the chosen organization (approx. 500 words)8. References9. Appendices (e.g. your chosen organisational chart or any useful information that could support your argument, but may be too lengthy to be included in the main body of the report).atleast 10 references and consider TATA group for the report

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