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Conduct a literature search and, using materials found, provide an introduction to a proposed topic for research. This must also include an outline of the search strategy, databases and search items used.
Any research must start with cataloguing what we know and what we don’t know about a topic. This will require a thorough literature search. There must a clear search strategy which must be followed in identifying and retrieving relevant materials. In this part of the assignment, you should demonstrate that you are able to methodically and systematically search for relevant literature and that you can critically appraise the literature you have retrieved. You must also analyse and synthesise what you have found in order present the current understanding of the topic under consideration into themes. You should also clearly identify gaps in our understanding about a topic, which will underpin your subsequent formulation of a research question(s).

  1. Formulate a question for a primary research study

A research question is a statement of what you intend to study in order to address gaps in our understanding about a topic. In this part of the assignment brief, you should formulate a researchable question, and explain why you believe this would address our lack of understanding in the area.
It is very important that submitted academic work is well presented. Please ensure your work has a clear structure which links to the assignment brief and is presented in a well-organised format with a conclusion based on the arguments presented.
Please ensure that your ideas have a clear, logical, narrative flow and the work as a whole is coherent. Plan your work carefully. Please ensure that you pay attention to referencing, grammar, punctuation and so on. You should proof-read you work carefully. You may use headings and subheadings, if you wish, to help structure your work.
There should be an appropriate number of references from an appropriate range of sources. It is not possible to say how many there should be. As a guide if you make a point or argue something, the reader needs to see that you can support it with a reference. If you are making an original point the reader needs to see how you have developed this argument from the literature. Do not limit your references to a few sources, such as a textbook. As a rule don’t cite anecdotal evidence or use secondary referencing. Check that all your papers are in the reference list and that authors are spelt right, and ensure you use BU format for referencing. Please use the Turnitin originality checker and conform to guidance on avoiding plagiarism.

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