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Mobile Commerce – Andy Tse (Discussion #2)

The topic that is going to be discussed this week will focus on mobile commerce (mCommerce). mCommerce is defined as an importance of conducting commercial business transactions using mobile devices such as the smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. mConmmerce is a form of building its technology as a success of e-commerce. It has become an increasing trend for the long-term where there are more people doing the transactions using mobile devices as it gives the shopping channels an opportunity to potentially change the consumer’s shopping behaviors (Meola, 2020). Mobile commerce can show a possibility of many services that are venturing in that space such as travel, search engines, education, social networking, gaming, banking, among many more that promotes opportunity for companies to attract a larger share of audience. It displays that the current situation in that part is going to continuously grow in the foreseeable future as many consumers are looking for opportunities of convenience. Also, more people are looking to obtain mobile devices that have internet-enabled technology have become a necessity, such that the global pandemic has changed the ways companies are doing commerce of all forms. Another advantage of mCommerce is that when situations arise, notifications alert the users on which action(s) to take if there is one.


Meola, A. (2020, Dec. 30). “Rise of M-Commerce: Mobile Ecommerce Shopping Stats & Trends in 2021.” Business Insider. Retrieved from https://www.businessinsider.com/mobile-commerce-shopping-trends-stats (Links to an external site.)

Piccoli, G. & Pigni, F. (2016). Information Systems for Managers with Cases, 3rd Edition. Prospect Press.

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