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Chris Wasserberg is a salesperson for a Fortune 100 organisation. He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and is one of the organisation’s best salespeople. Chris will likely become a sales manager if he stays with the organisation. However, this is doubtful because he hopes to start his own business.
$. a business that would require no more than 560 000 to 570 000 to get started. The rest would be used for operating capital and to keep him going until the organisation turns profitable. in the past. Chris has gathered ideas by reading magazines such as Entrepreneur inc…which report on new types of businesses.
Last week. Chris read a story that intrigued him. A man on the West Coast has been building Custom doghouses out of expensive materials and selling them for $5000 to 515 000 each. Chris realises few people can afford to pay this much for a doghouse. Yet most doghouses are not distinctive, and owners simply pay $50 to $150 for basic doghouses. Chris believes a market may exist for doghouses between these two extremes, in the range of $250 to $500, Chris has done the research and believes it would not be too difficult to differentiate his product from the standard doghouse. In particular, he is considering building a house that is slightly larger than the typical one, well insulated, and floored with washable vinyl: he would put the dog’s name above the door and shingle the roof. Additionally, he believes that if the house has the same basic design as the owner’s. it would be more appealing. The two biggest obstacles will be marketing and production that is getting people to order houses for their dogs and then building the houses. Chris believes that, with his background, he can handle the marketing, and it should not be too difficult to find someone to handle the construction

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