change management 

Task Description:

With reference to the case study provided and to appropriate change management concepts, theories, and tools, create a 15-minute (maximum) VoiceThread webcam VIDEO (the VoiceThread will close automatically at 17 minutes) with accompanying slides (converted to pdf), in which you as a change manager, provide advice to the board, manager of the department, and other hospital managers about change management situation.
In your presentation, you can draw on your Assessment 2 information to:

  1. Provide a brief introduction/summary of the situation and key issues that you feel need addressing.

2. Then identify the symptoms related to the issues below and advise what could be done to improve matters:


    • The failure to recognise a need for change and suggest the type of change that is required now and why (patterns of change, response to change i.e., reactive or proactive, incremental or transformational).
    • The failure to translate the need for change into a desire for change and suggest steps to improve this (urgency, vision, and narrative).
    • The quality of communication and alternative communication approaches to improve the change process.
    • The quality of leadership described and suggest alternative approaches to assist in the change process (role of leadership in change, leadership style etc.).
    • Poor stakeholder management and provide recommendations as to how you might increase support or reduce opposition for the new manager’s proposal.
    • Use your findings in a summary to justify your recommendations to improve the situation.


Use literature to support your argument throughout your presentation and provide both in-text citations where appropriate and a reference list at the end of the presentation in the appropriate referencing format.

Submission details:

To ensure consistent formatting for your presentation

  1. Develop your slides in PowerPoint.
  2. Once satisfied convertyour PowerPoint presentation into a PDF format.
  3. Upload your PDF into your VoiceThread and then record your presentation.


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