Case Project 4-1: Train a New Vice President in Using Mac OS X Folders

Case Project 4-1: Train a New Vice President in Using Mac OS X Folders

A new vice president has just been hired, and she is not familiar with Macintosh computers. You have been asked to provide her with a set of simple written instructions for how to access the documents in the home folder, which were left by her predecessor. Also, provide instructions for how to create a new folder in Mac OS X. Note that both the predecessor and the new vice president have the same user account name, which is VP Financials. Finally, the vice president needs your advice for creating a folder structure under her home folder. She wants a separate location for each of the following:

• Rulings by the board of directors

• Financial spreadsheets

• Word-processed documents that pertain to her division

• Word-processed documents that relate to senior management activities

• Marketing reports

Explain how you would set up the folder structure and what you would name the folders.

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