Campbell Soup Company is an international provider of soup products.

Campbell Soup Company is an international provider of soup products. Problem Management is very interested in continuing to grow the company in its core business, while “spinning off” those businesses that are not part of its core operation.



Go to the home page of Campbell Soup Company at the address shown above.

2. Problem

Choose the 2015 annual report.


Review the fi nancial statements and management’s discussion and analysis, and answer the following questions.

(a) What was the total amount of capital expenditures in the current year, and how does this amount compare with the previous year? Solve In your response, note what year you are using.

(b) What interest rate did the company pay on new borrowings in the current year? Solve

(c) Assume that this year’s capital expenditures are expected to increase cash fl ows by $50 million. ProblemWhat is the expected internal rate of return (IRR) for these capital expenditures? Solve (Assume a 10-year period for the cash fl ows.)


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Make at least one recommendation on how you think the company can increase revenue and one recommendation on how the company can reduce costs.

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