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Butler’s Choice, based in Denmark, is a small food trading company recognised for dealing in high-quality fish products, distributing over 2000 tons of fish annually. Established in 1997, the company has 24 employees with offices in India and Vietnam, where it imports its fish and sea food. Guided by the slogan ‘We care to be fair’, the company integrates CSR and environmental management standards into its day-to-day operations and is certified to ISO 14001 and SA 8000 to manage these responsibilities. In 2007, the company joined the UN Global compact for best practices. It also set up an independent CSR arm, Choice Foundation, in 2011, where a percentage of profit after tax is dedicated to further entrench community interventions. Butler’s Choice works towards ensuring food safety by training its main suppliers in health, sanitation and sustainable production. It seeks to reduce operational impact by using less medicine and feed. Its success is partly attributable to improved working conditions that have safeguarded trusting relationships in the supply chain. In 2015, the company was nominated for the CSR Abroad prize for incorporating responsible supply chain management and for adhering to environmental management systems. Butler’s Choice was also acknowledged in a DANIDA publication in 2009 as one of the ten best practice companies that effectively adopted the principles of the UN Global Compact. ‘In the eyes of Butler’s Choice A/S, only the social responsible and environmental friendly product is a quality product. This has been our philosophy right from the beginning. It is the most important of our company and we maintain it without compromising’ – Butler’s Choice.

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