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Marketing Company Case Study


Case studies present an account of what happened to a business, an industry or an individual over a period of time. The purpose of the case study is to let students analyze the critical marketing issues facing the organization and present solutions based on the marketing concepts learned in class.

For this assignment, the student will choose ONE of the sixteen Company Cases that are located in Appendix 1 of the Required Textbook.

Armstrong, G. and Kotler, P. (2015). Marketing: An Introduction, 13/E


In addition to answering the 4-5 “questions for discussion” that are found in the textbook at the end of each Company Case, you will also be required to answer additional components for/about your company (read below for specifics).


Submission Instructions

1. To submit your assignment, upload your completed assignment in CANVAS to the Assignment labelled: Marketing Company Case Study.

2. Your entire assignment MUST be typed, paginated, one inch margins, double or single spaced, and use a 12 point font.

3. Save the file as doc or pdf BEFORE uploading (especially if created with a MAC in “pages”).

4. Citation style: use APA style for every in-text AND Reference citation.


Writing and Content Instructions for your Company Case Study

1. Select your company/case from one of the sixteen available cases (In-N-Out Burger, Dyson, Xerox, Oracle etc) in APPENDIX 1 of the textbook (pp 519-550). Selecting a Case from the International Edition of the textbook is also fine!

2. Create a cover page to your assignment with the following: your own name and student ID, course number and course name, COMPANY CASE selection and ONE image or logo representing your company.

3. Write your paper USING the SIX headings on the next page.



1. Name and History of the Company

Research and write a brief history of the company, incorporating the year and origin of the company, how/where the company started, anything the company is particularly famous for (1-2 paragraphs minimum 200 words). Use additional sources to complete this task fully.


2. Market Offerings and/or Product Mix

Fully describe in words and images, the complete MARKET OFFERINGS or PRODUCT MIX of the company.



3. Main Competitors with Positioning Map

Who are the MAIN COMPETITORS for this company?

You MUST also draw a Positioning Map (see Armstrong p. 188) that makes sense for this company.



4. Company Marketing Programs and/or Strategies

Fully describe at least three of the marketing programs and/or marketing strategies used by the company and comment on the company’s brand equity. Use additional sources to complete this task fully.



5. Questions for Discussion (from the end of the case in the textbook)

Answer and NUMBER ALL of the “questions for discussion” that are found at the end of each company case in the textbook.


6. Marketing News for this company (annotated)

Research, locate and read/watch TWO news articles (written and/or video) published within the past three years (since March 2016) that comment or feature something about the MARKETING STRATEGY (not just company information) employed by this company, and describe the content of the article in a few sentences. This is like an annotated news story.

For each business news article, you MUST

A. Write the citation in APA style

B. Include the complete/live electronic link to the article (so when I click on the link, it takes me to the article)

C. Write and accurately describe the content of the article in at least two paragraphs, minimum 200 words. This is like an annotated news story.


NOTE: You MUST choose articles from the following General Business and Marketing Publications:

· Harvard Business Review

· Sloan Management Review

· BusinessWeek

· Entrepreneur Magazine

· Forbes

· Fortune Magazine

· Inc.

· Industry Week

· Strategy + Business

· The Wall Street Journal

· Bloomberg Business Week

· The Economist

· Adweek

· FastCompany

· Wired

· Money

· TechCrunch

· VentureBeat

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