Building Success in Commerce

MPM755 — Building Success in Commerce – Trimester 1 2022 Supplementary Assessment Task 3 — Reflection (self) — Individual
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As this assessment is a “Final unit to complete” supplementary pass, you will be marked as either a pass or fail. No detailed feedback will be provided.
To continue to develop yourself personally and professionally throughout your career, it is essential to regularly reflect on your contribution, performance, and effectiveness in the tasks you undertake and the projects and initiatives in which you are involved. Such professional self-evaluation enables you to continue to learn from both achievements and disappointments, and thus helps facilitate your ongoing development as a business professional.
This assessment task requires you to engage in a disciplined, critical self-reflection of your developing self-management skills and capabilities, your team (including leadership) skills, and your evolving awareness of the skills related to be an effective global citizen. Note that work which is entirely or largely descriptive is unlikely to achieve a satisfactory grade. So, carefully follow the advice included in the CloudDeakin site on writing reflectively. You need to reflect analytically, conceptually, and pedagogically to self-evaluate and establish what you have learned through the tasks in this unit. To finish, you should then demonstrate how you plan to apply what you have learned in the future.
Key graduate learning outcomes: • Self-management skills. Self-Management is, your ability to plan for your own employability/professional skill development, to monitor and evaluate your development across the course of the experience and reflect on it. • Teamwork skills. Teamwork means your capacity to work collegially and productively with a range of stakeholders (teams and client). As postgraduate students you should also reflect on your Leadership Skills. Leadership is about helping a team achieve a common goal. Leadership does not mean that you have to be ‘in charge’ or be the person making all the decisions. A good leader motivates and inspires, is a good listener, is a role model and helps create a strong and cohesive team to ensure the team achieves its goals and vision. • Global citizenship describes a way of thinking, acting, relating, and responding to socio-cultural elements. Its based on understanding the ‘self’ in relation to ‘others’ within the local and broader community and discipline. In this unit, we are focused on engaging ethically and productively in the professional context and with diverse communities and cultures in a global context. understand the interdependency of events/situations/issues and conditions from a local and global perspective You are expected to support and substantiate your claims and reflections with specific examples and evidence. You can provide citations from relevant academic and non-academic sources.

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