Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) summarize the Client Change Scale (CCS) and discuss how you could use it when working with Emmanuel.

Please read the following client session carefully:

Emmanuel is a 16-year old Hispanic male who presents for counseling due to frequent (4-5 x weekly) and intense episodes of anger.  Emmanuel’s family immigrated from Costa Rica when he was 10-years old.  He states that back in Cost Rica, he has many friends, played on a championship level soccer team, and enjoyed going to the beach to swim year round.  His father, Raul, found work in a suburb of St. Louis and the family has remained in the area.  Emmanuel stated that “I have every right to be angry.  Do you know how hard it is to start over, to lose friends, to learn a new language, to go to a new school, to play on a soccer team that has won only two games in three years?  I used to be close to my parents but now, I hate them.  They are responsible for ruining my life.  My dad complains that I am angry all the time, but that is his fault.  My mom, she just takes his side.  She is always talking about the opportunities that we have here and how I should be grateful.  I am not.”

Based on your reading this week and the client session above, complete the following:


1.  Provide a brief paraphrasing response to Emmanuel.  Make sure to use present-tense.

2.  Provide a brief empathy response to Emmanuel.  This MUST be in the form of an “I” statement.

3.  Provide a brief confrontational response to Emmanuel.  Consult slide 8 in the power point for help.

4.  Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) summarize the Client Change Scale (CCS) and discuss how you could use it when working with Emmanuel.

In order to adequately complete this discussion assignment, you MUST consult and cite the textbook in prompt #4.  You must respond to ALL four prompts thoroughly and MUST reply SUBSTANTIALLY to at least TWO peers.

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