Brand identity creation and graphic design.

Studio Badu is a multidisciplinary creative studio building brands across the globe. We specialise in brand identity creation and graphic design.
We help our clients communicate who they are to the people who matter most. We also help them grow their business by using design thinking and a strategy first approach to solve problems—resulting in a consistent and recognisable identity.
Our philosophy is simple: to treat each project in a contextual and holistic manner while embracing individuality and innovation. We believe in the process of exploring to understand the unique story and offerings a brand is built on and translating this into visual communication that connects and inspires action. Our design framework deliberately embeds the core messages and considers marketing objectives together with design — so it doesn’t just look beautiful, it also works.
Target Audience
Our target market is new/small businesses in Australia who are looking to build a brand identity and communicate their brand story in a consistent and differentiated way. We take pride in giving our clients the identity that they can use to build and grow their business.

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