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Azlan, who was 30 years old, had a 10-acre agricultural land that he inherited from his late father back in the 1980s, located in Kuala Selangor. The land was still a jungle as his late father did not do anything to the land. Without any capital, Azlan found it difficult to develop the land. He kept it as it was until he was ready to work on it.
Azlan, was not married yet and he was a very hardworking person. He was a bachelor of accounting graduate from a local university. He had left his 10-year tenure with a bank as an assistant branch manager in Jengka, Pahang, under a voluntary separation scheme. Azlan received about RM 300,000 and thought this would be a good amount of capital to work on farming and to utilize the land. He had always wanted to grow best quality durians and he was thinking of pursuing this idea.
The years on after Azlan left his full-time employment; times were really tough on him. The land took sometimes to be developed with issues in terms of administration and licensing as well as getting the resources needed to get the farm up and running. He was close to growing local fruits ad advised by his consultant-friend, but he thought the slow progress would eat up his capital and compromise fast income. Proposal after proposal on fruit farming were rejected as no one was well-convinced of its feasibility. Azlan took a break and asked himself, ‘What should I do next?’
He consulted his ever-patient mother and she advised him to go for organic and quality vegetables. Azlan felt that his might limit customers as organic vegetables were expensive and quality was difficult to maintain. But a Japanese company which Azlan had encountered in an agricultural trade exhibition in Korea three months ago had innovated hygienic planting and fast-growing farming. It was costly but the turnaround was fast. Research and development had proven results and met expectations.

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