At Juniper Computer Works, customers seldom complain because customer service is a top priority.

Complaint from Disabled Customer

Case Study Project 2.5 Page 40

At Juniper Computer Works, customers seldom complain because customer service is a top priority.

However, recently the president of the company, Mr. Walter Marcellus, received a complaint in writing from a person who is disabled.  Mr. Marcellus knows that he not only must respond, but perhaps change policies and procedures in the company regarding serving the disabled in more appropriate ways.  Mr. Marcellus has asked for a focus group to be formed to give him advice on handling the complaint and what steps the company should take at this time.

In part, the complaint read,

Today I was at your store and wanted to purchase a new laptop computer.  I never write companies when small incidents occur (concerning my disability and being confined to a wheelchair), but I feel that today’s behavior by your sales staff warrants this letter.  I chose to inform you, the president, so that others in my circumstance at your place of business will not be so offended.

I felt very patronized when, after asking questions of Joanne, your service/sales representative, she responded in almost a child-like voice—not once but three times! Then she proceeded to lean on my wheelchair as she was demonstrating the laptop to me.

I felt it was more appropriate for her to use a chair; so when I suggested she do so, she said, “Oh, this will only take a minute or so more” and then continued to lean over me for another five minutes!  I am incensed enough to write this letter!  By the way, after leaving your store I purchased my laptop from another store within the hour.

Analyze the case and determine:

a) if the customer has a legitimate complaint,

b) what Mr. Marcellus’s response should be to the customer, and

c) what recommendations as far as training, policies, and procedural changes you might make to Mr. Marcellus.

COURSE:  Customer Service

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