Anecdotal reports are one means of direct information gathering for functional assessment.

Anecdotal reports are one means of direct information gathering for functional assessment. The following is an anecdotal report of one session of community-based vocational instruction. Todd, his classmate Lucy, and their teacher were at Pets-Are-Us. The session’s task was to move 4-pound bags of birdseed from the storeroom to the shelves at the front of the store. Convert this report into the structure for analyzing anecdotal reports as shown in Chapter 4 . May 3, 9:20 a.m. Teacher, Todd, and Lucy are in the storeroom. Teacher explains the task. She tells both students to pick up a bag and follow her. They do, and each places a bag on the proper shelf. She leads them back to storeroom. Teacher tells Todd to pick up a bag of seed; he walks away. She tells him a second time. Teacher picks up a bag and takes Todd by the hand and walks out to the shelf. She hands him the bag and points to where it belongs; he puts the bag on the shelf. She tells him to go back to the storeroom for another. In the storeroom she tells him to pick up a bag from the pile. The third time he is told, he picks one up and goes out front and puts the bag on the shelf. On the way out to the floor with the next bag, Todd stops at a birdcage, drops the bag, and begins to talk to the birds. Several minutes later the teacher comes for him. He ignores her. She puts his hands on the bag then leads him to the shelf. She then takes him to the storeroom. He refuses to lift a bag. She hands him one. He drops it on the floor. This is repeated twice. She takes a bag and leads him back out to the shelf. Together they put the bag on the shelf. She tells him to go back to the storeroom. She goes to check on Lucy. Eight minutes later she finds Todd sitting on the floor eating candy from his fanny pack. She takes the candy and tells him it is for later. She tells him again to go to the storeroom. When she looks for him again, he is at the rabbit cage. She leads him back to the storeroom. She tells him to pick up a bag. After the third delivery of instruction, the teacher holds a bag in front of him; he doesn’t move his arms. She places his arms around the bag. He lets it drop through his hands, and it splits open. She scolds. She goes to get a broom. She returns and he is sitting down eating the birdseed. The teacher tells Todd, “Your behavior is not acceptable. Therefore, you will no longer be allowed to work today. Sit over there and time yourself out until we leave. I am very disappointed in your work behavior today.”

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