Administrative Memo Assignment

Administrative Memo Assignment
You are an upper-level manager in a large state government department. Your department is considering whether or not they have the capacity to create and implement a comprehensive succession plan, because over 35% of its workforce is now eligible for retirement. As such, your direct supervisor has asked you evaluate the degree to which this initiative will prove beneficial over the short- and long-term.
Using scholarly and practitioner literature, you must formulate an argument for or against this initiative. You do not have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis, but you must transparently present the pros and cons to the best of your ability to your direct supervisor.

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critically analyze the influential factors that might explain why your two chosen structures are being adopted instead of, and are more beneficial than, traditional approaches towards organizational administration.

There are a number of emerging approaches that modern organizations are adopting to structure their organizational administrative functions. In Module 2 concepts of outsourcing, shared services and call centers are….

If it is true that most millennials tend to be narcissistic, to what extent should managers lavish them with praise for ordinary accomplishments, such as being punctual?

Provide an example that you have observed of a person who has very high analytical intelligence but is quite lacking in practical intelligence, including common sense. If it is true….


PROJECT A – OFFICE WORKSPACE AUDIT (70 marks) An office ‘workspace’ is the space where an employee usually sits when performing their office-related or administrative tasks. Imagine that the Administration Manager of….