a report describing the biggest obstacles at Wal-Mart or United Pacific; would face if it decided to implement a total quality system

The goal of this project is to apply the concepts learned to TQM at their place of work. This provides an opportunity to apply the concepts immediately.

The educational goal of the course paper is to demonstrate your knowledge of quality management and how you can analyze, synthesize, and apply this knowledge to a practical, relevant topic that is important to you. This is an individual project.

Total quality has become a necessity to satisfy an ever-demanding consumer and remain competitive. Yet, the conversion from the traditional concept of quality to total quality can be quite challenging. Write a report describing the biggest obstacles at Wal-Mart or United Pacific; would face if it decided to implement a total quality system. Or, if the pick organization already has such a system, describe the process that it operates under to maintain a successful total quality program.

The length of the project report should be between 2000 and 3000 words (~10 pages). It needs to be thorough and complete to convey your point. It has to be free of grammatical and spelling errors. APA format should be used, with references.

  • Content: This is the analysis of and response to the assigned question. Care should be taken to ensure that your ideas are carefully considered and supported by facts and logical conclusions that can be drawn from them.
    • (5 pts) Cover Page & Table of Contents
    • (5 pts) Introduction
    • (70 pts) Discussion of TQM implementation in your company
    • (10 pts) Summary/Conclusions
    • (10 pts) Works Cited/References
    • Structure/Adherence to format requirements (15 pts):
    • Grammar/Spelling (15 pts).
    • Originality (20 pts). – Less than 12% similarity Index

This is the overall organization and appearance of the document. A well-executed format implies your paper is worth reading. I personally like headers and footers, short paragraphs, use of bold headings; I also like a mix of tables, bullets, graphs and text.

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