A job specification for business focused job role within BMW.

In your role of Human Resources Administrator, you have had a performance review with


your line manager. In the review, you discussed that, leading on from an earlier personal

development activity, you would like to consider specialising in recruitment and selection. Your

manager has therefore put you into a project group tasked with reviewing recruitment practices.

The document portfolio should include:


1. A job specification for business focused job role within BMW.

2. A CV tailored to apply for one of the positions advertised by another student.

3. Documentation of preparatory notes for interviews, interview notes based on selection

criteria and a justified decision of the candidate selected.

4. A job offer to the selected candidate.

5. An evaluation of the process and the rationale for conducting appropriate HR practices,

including the effectiveness of these practices, and how they can improve sustainable

organisational performance. Make recommendations where appropriate.


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