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A customer approaches a store associate, annoyed that a popular toy she wants isn’t on the shelf, despite the app on her phone showing it in stock. The inventory is only updated once per day on the app.
What should the associate do?
Apologize for the confusion and check when the next shipment of the toy is expected
Give her the store’s phone number and tell her it’s best to call in the mohings to check inventory
Encourage her to try buying the toy online since it’s popular and difficult to keep in stock
Tell her the app is only updated once per day and popular toys sell out quickly
Explain that the app isn’t always up to date and encourage her to call the store instead

A customer arrives at a customer service desk without an appointment and says he’s in a hurry. Though walk-ins are allowed, the agent is busy.
What should the agent do?
Ask the customer about his request to decide how to handle it
Ask the customer to email his question since he doesn’t have an appointment today
Tell the customer she’ll help him as soon as she’s done helping those with appointments
Explain that she’s busy and it’s best make an appointment for faster service
Ask if he could come back later in the day when the desk is less busy

A patient has arrived late to her physical therapy appointments several times, affecting the treatment of other patients. She explains that her bus has been late.
What should the receptionist say?
“It’s very important that you arrive on time so the therapist can give you the attention you need.”
“The bus seems to be affecting your arrival. Do you have another way you can get here?”
“I understand that can be frustrating. Would a later appointment time work with your schedule?”
“Is there an earlier bus you can take? Otherwise, you’ll need to pick a different appointment time.”

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